French Bone-in Rib ChopUSDA Choice

Family Reserve Choice

The secret behind this cut’s delicious flavor is intercostal fat: a layer of fat between meat and bone that serves to seal the juices in, and that melts when cooked. This steak is large: the only difference between it and a tomahawk is the length of the bone (2” vs. 10”). Though we recommend tempering all steaks before cooking, this is especially true for the rib-chop, which will be difficult to cook evenly otherwise. A great method for preparing this cut is to “reverse sear” it: begin cooking at a low temperature, then finish over high heat. Try smoking this piece at about 225oF until you reach an internal temperature of 110-115 oF in the meat near the bone, then sear it over high heat to form a delicious crust. Serve it for two family-style, with traditional sides like potatoes au gratin, haricot vert and a red wine gastrique. This product has been frozen to maintain its freshness for your enjoyment.

This product ships frozen.

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