The Meaty Back Ribs Specialty Box

$79 in value

Meaty Back Ribs (approx. 4.2 lbs.)
Natural Ground Beef Sliders (2.5 oz., set of 8)
Natural Ground Beef (1 lb.)
Natural Beef Hot Dogs (1 lb.)

This exclusive package features Brandt Beef Meaty Back Ribs with plenty of meat to enjoy. At approximately four pounds and containing seven bones, these meaty back ribs are individually packaged for your convenience. Our ribs are unique in that we do not notch the meat out between the ribs; more meat means more flavor. Dry rub, marinate, or brine this product and enjoy. We paired them with our iconic Sliders, Ground Beef, and Beef Hot Dogs to offer you a well-rounded grill or barbecue experience. The Meaty Back Ribs Specialty Box brings you the variety perfect for your next grilling event.