All Natural Demi-Glace

Our Demi-Glace is equally versatile and consistent, which is why we call it our "foundation for creation". The Brandt Beef All-Natural Demi-Glace is the product of a Michelin Chef collaboration between Thomas Keller, Mitch Mitchell, and our very own Brandon Rodgers. Brandt Beef bones are roasted and then slow-simmered together with mirepoix for 24 hours for flavor. Use it as a companion to steaks and other proteins for chef-tuned performance and world-class flavor, or use it to create high-end sauces, stews, broths, and soups.

Looking for inspiration? Watch one of the ways Chef's Roll utilizes our Demi Glace to create a masterpiece on the plate.

1x Brandt Beef All Natural Demi-Glace (17.6oz)