Prime Ribeye Steaks and Demi-Glace Pairing

Only available for a limited time!

Our Prime Ribeye offers exceptional flavor and tenderness, and pairs beautifully with our newest product, the Brandt Beef All Natural Demi-Glace. Our Demi-Glace is truly the foundation for creation, perfect for creating chef-inspired sauces, soups, and more. Together, the Ribeye and Demi-Glace create endless possibilities for an elevated dinner at home. For a limited time, get four Prime Ribeye Steaks for just $33.99 each, plus a FREE package of Demi-Glace by purchasing this pairing special.

Looking for inspiration? Watch one of the ways Chef's Roll utilizes our Demi Glace to create a masterpiece on the plate.

What You'll Get:

4x Brandt Beef Prime Ribeye Steaks (12oz each x 4)

1x Brandt Beef All Natural Demi-Glace (17.6oz)