Brandon Rodgers

James Beard nominated Best Chef of California

Beer Battered Onion Rings

Brandt Beef Recipe Collection



  • 1 ea. Yellow sweet onion
  • 20g Kosher salt
  • 1000g Water – Cold


  • 200g (1 1⁄2 cups, plus 1 tbsp.) All-purpose flour
  • 20g (3 tbsp.) Corn starch
  • 6g (2 tsp.) Baking powder


  • 200g (1 1⁄2 cups, plus 1 tbsp.) All-purpose flour
  • 20g (3 tbsp.) Corn starch
  • 8g (2 tsp.) Sugar
  • 6g (2 tsp.) Kosher Salt
  • 6g (2 tsp.) Baking powder
  • 1g (1⁄2 tsp.) Garlic powder
  • 1g (1⁄2 tsp.) Onion powder
  • 1g (1⁄2 tsp.) White pepper-ground
  • 12 oz. Beer – Sierra Nevada Pale Ale


  • Vegetable oil
  • Kosher salt


Onions – Step 1

  • Remove the root end and the blossom end of the onion.
  • Cut onion into 1⁄4’s across the grain.

Step 2

  • Combine salt and water.
  • Mix well with a whisk until the salt is dissolved.

Step 3

  • Submerge the onion into the brine and place in the fridge for a minimum 1 hour.

Dredge – Step 4

  • Mix all ingredients with a whisk until fully homogeneous.

Batter – Step 5

  • Combine all dry ingredients and whisk until homogenous.
  • Pour beer in and whisk until smooth.

Fry – Step 6

  • Remove onion slices from the water.
  • Dredge the onion until fully coated with flour, then dust it off so that there is a thin layer of flour on the onion.

Step 7

  • With a single chopstick, remove onion from flour and place in the batter.
  • Flip it over and batter all surface areas of onion.
  • Place into the fryer at 350°F.
  • Cook for 2 minutes.

Step 8

  • Flip it over with chopstick and cook for 2 more minutes.
  • Remove from the fryer and drain onto a rack and season with kosher salt.


  • Chopstick
  • Fry pot
  • Thermometer

Note: The key to a good onion ring is finding the right balance between a golden brown, crispy crust with tender cooked onions. It is important to have a tender onion so that when you take a bite the whole thing doesn’t come out of the batter. The batter has to have the right balance between starch and flour so it can hold up to a long fry of about 4 min. at 350°F and not brown too dark.